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NRC cafe celebrates ten-day anniversary: ‘It’s very cool’

Eleventh of the eleventh marks the start of the carnival season for the Brabanders and Limburgers, but for the Nieuw Rotterdams Café (NRC) it means something quite different. The NRC in Witte de Withstraat is celebrating its birthday and is celebrating it for ten days.

“It’s very cool, we’ve already been here for ten years,” says manager Rogier Nelisse proudly. “A lot of memories have been made there in the meantime.” The NRC sits in the old building of the newspaper of the same name, which left Rotterdam several years ago. Many Rotterdammers know the café from that, too. “Precisely because I knew it from the newspaper, I went to check it out once. After all, it is a building and place with a history,” says a passerby.

In any case, the anniversary will be well celebrated, with various parties for the public and get-togethers for former employees and neighbors, for example. “And star chef François Geurds will make a special NRC burger, which can also be eaten at our place for the next four months.”

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