Loos is grand and light. The interior is timeless and exudes a Parisian atmosphere. The café is a place where people can meet and are welcome from early morning to late at night. A cup of coffee at the reading table, a sandwich or more extensive lunch, a cosy drink or a delicious meal. Besides the varied menu that changes with the seasons, there is also a daily changing menu, weekly changing dishes which are displayed on the chalkboards and there is an extensive wine list.

joie de vivre 
joie de vivre 

Start your career

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Perks, perks and more perks

When you start working with us, you become part of our family with 600 family members! You can also axpect lots of cool perks to make your life more fun, easy and energetic
  • Discounts for you and your friends at all our restaurants and cafés!
  • Free haircuts
  • Quarterly fun drinks with all your colleagues
  • Free rides on Felyx scooters
  • Cool giveaways
  • Access to the best parties in town
  • Physical and mental training
  • Access to our Hero academy

Our promise to you

The time of your life!

The coolest events in the best locations. Surrounded by great people. Good drinks, great food. A time to remember. You have one life, make it count.

Professional organisation

We have our affairs in order. You will get paid on time, we promise. Plus, you can take training courses to improve your skills.

Career opportunities

And when your skills are at a higher level, you can be promoted. That is the power of a hospitality group.
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