You breathe hospitality and understand the profession like no other. With final responsibility in your hands, your Local Heroes set new standards in Rotterdam’s culinary nightlife. At hectic moments, you know how to keep calm and you always go the extra mile. Both for the guests and for your own team.

You set an example for colleagues and know how to motivate your team effortlessly. In fact, people love working for you. You know better than anyone how to get your team to function optimally. Thanks to your strong organisational and communication skills, nobody is short of something. In short, you are exactly the company manager we are looking for at Hell’s Kitchen.

In short:

  • You are a true team player;
  • The business card of our business;
  • You are organisationally and communicatively strong;
  • You are good at leading, motivating and inspiring.
  • You like challenges;
  • You are a real people manager.

What you can expect:

  • You will become manager of – and therefore responsible for – the hottest restaurant in town;
  • A great challenge in which you and your team will set the new tone for Rotterdam’s culinary nightlife;
  • You will become part of our family with 600+ family members and lots of cool perks to make your life more fun, easy and energetic ;).
  • Quarterly fun drinks with your colleagues at the best parties in town;
  • 5 weeks’ holiday (although you can’t be away from our business);
  • Last but not least: you get the salary you deserve

Get to know each other?

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The application process

Step 1


How nice! We have a message that you want to join us.
Step 2


We review all applications we receive. From these we select the right people who seem to be a match for both the company and the position.
Step 3

Invitation interview

If we see a potential match, we invite you for a pleasant and open conversation where we want to get to know you.
Step 4

Discussing conditions

We are both excited about the job. Now we just need to work out the details.
Step 5

Time for a party

The contract is signed. You are now a true Local Hero.

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