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Entree Awards 2021: winner of ‘Best New Restaurant & Bar’ category

In the “Best New Restaurant & Bar” category, Rotterdam-based Zalmhuis was named the winner. The judges rarely saw a business where the branding was so well developed and so successful as here. “Every square millimeter is designed the way it should be. Everything is an experience.”


In this category, the jury judges the energetic vibe. For the winner, f&b offerings, atmosphere, interior and service fit the chosen concept perfectly.


We have rarely seen a business where the branding was as well-designed and as successful as it is here. Every square millimeter is designed the way it should be. Everything is an experience. It starts with the entrance – it’s very Rotterdam, it works really well. Then guests enter a kind of instagram-worthy corner, overlooking the salmon hanging smoking. Then you’re in a different world for a while before entering the establishment. Even there, everything is equally impressive.
All things in this category are worthy of nomination. But you’ll only just release a new album in the same month as Beyoncé… You can’t compete with that. Zalmhuis is the Beyoncé in this category, so the winner!
Positives: the super good branding, the special reception (by a giant drag queen) and the insanely restored building. We were also impressed by the entrepreneurship; among other things, the owner arranged for a felyx drop-off point to be located here. The interior here is unparalleled. The taste is distinct – you can find something about that – but everything is equally impressive. From the unusual staircases to the separately upholstered chairs to the open kitchen – very cool!
It is the top of the bill, the Beyoncé within this category!
Zalmhuis mvv Do Nossent (8)-1Zalmhuis mvv Do Nossent (12)-1


Het Zalmhuis in Rotterdam is a striking and monumental building on the Nieuwe Maas River. Catering entrepreneur Herman Hell had the building completely restyled.

Herman Hell owns hospitality group Hell’s Kitchen of Van Zanten, Sijf and NRC Café (all Rotterdam), among others. Herman had the grand café and its halls completely restyled by his ex-wife Liselore of the company Elect Interior into contemporary spaces that breathe the atmosphere of the big city. The interior of the grand cafe consists of lots of brass and marble, and also striking is the colorful upholstery of the chairs.


In nineteenth and twentieth centuries, Het Zalmhuis housed the market for the largest salmon auction in the Netherlands. The building was demolished in 1955 and rebuilt a little further down the road in 1999. Consequently, two of the showpieces of the menu are the organic Scottish Wester Ross salmon and Keta salmon from Alaska. Guests can additionally enjoy the BRAK gin developed especially for the Salmon House.

The Best New Restaurant & Bar category is made possible by: Bacardi
Photos: Do Nossent



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